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Naturally Woodlands is a small collection of limited edition, detached four-bedroom homes which have been sensitively designed to harmonise with their stunning woodland surroundings.

Each property’s striking architectural design features extensive glazing, skylights, balconies, double height entrance halls, open-plan living spaces, and traditional materials, inviting the outside in and maximising natural light. Wood burning fires, custom designed kitchens with integrated appliances, sleek bathrooms and en-suites, and an array of special features combine to create homes which exude warmth, comfort and luxury.

Designed and built to uncompromising standards, Naturally Woodlands offers sanctuary, a place to relax, watch the seasons unfold and enrich your lifestyle.

Sustainable Living

The construction of each Naturally Woodlands property has been designed to achieve a high level of thermal insulation.

A special airtight membrane and continuous seal between the internal fabric and external building envelope virtually eliminates thermal loss whilst allowing controlled ventilation with a check on humidity. In addition, ‘Warmcel’ insulation material has been used throughout. Warmcel is the most environmentally friendly material currently available, being made from 100% recycled newsprint and exceeding the best A+ rating under the BRE’s Environmental Assessment Method.

The combination of these measures dramatically reduces heat loss, thereby reducing carbon emissions and expenditure on heating.

Local Materials

Natural and locally sourced materials provide beautiful internal finishes and have also been used in the roofing, cladding and insulation of the properties.

The construction of each property’s building frame with redwood timber provides yet another distinctive design feature.

Harvested from sustainable forests, this beautiful wood is stable, durable and has a low carbon footprint.